Jason Lamb - Owner/Agent


Real Estate Professionals

Mesa, AZ 85207 Mesa, AZ 85215

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. As early as middle school I started my own small resale business and my love of working with people, creative problem solving, sales and marketing has continued to grow. I’ve been fortunate to have owned, sold and managed several small businesses over the years, and the experience and knowledge gained has been priceless.

I got my start with real estate in 2003 while at college pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I started on the investment side, helping people who needed creative options to buying or selling a home, doing “fix and flips” or buying rentals. My wife, Robin, and I both discovered a love for real estate.

As time went on, the network of people we had worked with grew, and we continued to receive calls from people wanting to know if Robin or I could help them with the conventional sale or purchase of their home. In 2010, Robin and I decided we should become “licensed realtors” so that we could more easily work with and help people on both the investment and traditional buyer/seller side of Real Estate.

It’s been a great journey. I’ve learned that while all real estate agents gain a license, few have any actual business, sales or marketing experience, and fewer still really listen to and understand their client’s needs. I see the client/agent relationship as a team effort, and I put my knowledge and experience to work to ensure you make the best decision possible when buying, selling or investing.